Aw, bummer. Czarina has strep throat, and the Duke has an ear infection, the poor dears. Unfortunately, we’ve exposed at least two families to the strep throat, so I had to call and ‘fess up. Boy, that is not fun. Because as much as the mom tells you, oh, don’t worry, it’s not your fault, these things happen… you know somewhere in the back of their mind, you’re on the bad list. 😦 Or, at least, they “owe” you, and it’s probably coming back in the form of a stomach virus or something later in the year. Nah, it’s not that bad. I’ll just feel pretty rotten if any of their kids gets sick because of us, you can’t help it.
The Duke had to give blood today, because the doctor was concerned that his ear infection might not be caused by the normal bacteria. I’m not going to be alarmed by that, but it does seem strange to me. They’ll call me with the test results, and hopefully, whatever it is will respond well to treatment. The actual blood giving– well, let’s just say we were ALL crying in the room. Czarina because she was feeling bad and had a fever of 103 at that point, the Duke was screaming and fighting the evil needle, I’m crying holding him down, and Chipmunk was crying because everyone else was. HeroBoy was the only one with nary a tear in his eye, happily munching down on a sucker while we were all in hysterics.
It weren’t pretty. Nope.
But, I’m glad it’s all done. We had such a bad night with the two kids, with no improvements today, so I knew not to ignore it. I’m waiting now on both of their antibiotics to be ready, so we’ll start those this afternoon. And HOPEFULLY, everyone will be well in time for at least a little bit of 4th of July celebrating. We’ll see. Gotta roll with the punches, ya know?
Good news though– I actually feel good today. Thank goodness!! I don’t think I could have handled all this otherwise. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the bad days.
Well, I’m off to check everybody, and dispense popsicles. (Doctor’s orders) Happy Wednesday!