but not in the good way.
I haven’t written much lately, I know. I’ve just been feeling rather blah. This Friday, I’ll be 14 weeks pregnant, and I’m really hoping that I’m going to start feeling more normal. Right now, I just have a very weak stomach. I can’t eat much, or find the right things, or something. I don’t know, it’s not so much the nausea (although that does sneak up on me quite viciously at times), but it’s more like you feel after you’ve gotten over a stomach virus. Sort of hungry, but you know nothing is going to settle right. Nothing really sounds good or tastes good. If I do manage to get something down, I almost immediately have heartburn.
So sad.
No, I’m not having a pity party, just reporting on my absence lately. A lot of the days, I’m just trying to make it through, and the other days, I’m too busy catching up! So, not much for blogging lately.
We’ve got plans to go out of town for July 4th– but, the kids are all coming down with a fever virus. They feel pretty rotten, but no other symptoms, except the Duke complained that his tummy hurt. So, we definitely can’t do anything until that’s all cleared up. I can’t bring any of them around the older folks in our family, or new baby Hazel! I’m hoping in a day or two we’ll all be fit for company, and we can resume plans. Saturday, we’re supposed to have a fish fry in Monroe, and I think I might cry if that falls through. But I cry about everything these days. I cried at Horton Hears a Who just today, when they stuffed poor Horton in the cage at the end. I couldn’t stop myself! I cry, and then have to laugh at myself while I’m doing it.
I’m such a mess. This pregnancy has got me good. I don’t know if it’s because I’m 33, but I suspect that might have something to do with it. It’s just not as easy on your body as you get older. You’d think, having done this a few times before would make it a breeze the FIFTH time around. But, I’m hanging on by a thread many a day. This is not me complaining!! Honestly, I’m just saying. It’s all in perspective, I know it’s temporary, it’s worth it, all that. I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’ll just be glad to feel normal- to enjoy eating again.
Well, I’m out for the night. I’ve got to make rounds, check foreheads, kiss warm cheeks.
Goodnight, all. Hope you have a great week!