I stayed behind for a moment, gathering my purse and books from the car. The kids all ran ahead, because we were *almost* late for co-op (again.)  I stepped into the lobby of the building, and there you were with a sheepish grin on your face “I can stand to be a little late to my class, but I just can’t stand not saying goodbye to you!!” You gave me a quick, fierce hug, and ran off to your first grade class.

And I was just overcome with the blessing of being your mom.

Things have been tough lately. We have had some setbacks and disappointments that you know nothing about. We’ve been stressed and discouraged, and I’m doing my best to keep y’all from seeing it. I’ll be honest, I’ve been feeling a little forgotten by God.  Like my prayers are bouncing around the room, not getting enough airspeed to break this atmosphere.  And as I trudged into this day, with the weight of these troubles bearing down on me, you reminded me that I hit the MOM JACKPOT.

You just love me.  I mean, you LOVE ME.  Unconditionally, constantly, visibly, sweetly, genuinely, you love me. And that love swept me higher today, gave me a gust of wind under my wings at a time when gravity had been pulling hard.

God hasn’t forgotten me. Silly me. He gave me YOU, and there’s so much heaven in that gift that you just lift me right up.