To the Woman with a Humble Home:

This letter is for you if you do not have granite countertops.  If you have not shopped at Pottery Barn (and do not really look closely at the catalogues, because come on.)  If you have light switches that don’t work (and probably never will, honestly!)  If you don’t have a dishwasher, if you have window air units, if you have paint that chips, screens that are taped, forks that don’t match, and you have strategically placed rugs to cover stains and scratches.

If you’re like me, and your home is humble, and sometimes you feel bad about it.

Like, you’ve failed somehow.

Like, people will see the frayed edges, and think you haven’t tried enough.

Like, even though God’s blessed you and you are SO GRATEFUL, sometimes you wonder why He isn’t blessing you out of the 2015 Pottery Barn fall collection.

This is for you.

What if, what if… your home is absolutely perfect, right now, as it is?

What if, when someone walks into your home, they think of the house they grew up in?  They remember their mother, and the simple years of their childhood, and it brings them joy.  Joy, when they maybe needed it more than you knew?  Maybe when they had forgotten that joy isn’t found in the the pursuit of the American dream?

What if, when someone walks into your home, they see the flowers in the mason jar, and they think of how beautiful nature is, how happiness and enjoyment doesn’t have to be purchased or polished.  It can just be.

What if, when someone walks into your home, they see their place set at the table, and they feel a little less alone.  They feel connected, wanted, important?

What if, when someone walks into your home, they see the effort, the care you took in being hospitable, and they who are blessed with even more resources, are encouraged to do that same?

What if, when someone walks into your home, they see the imperfections, the flaws, all the things you have fretted over and tried to hide.  But then, they see you smiling, saying, welcome.  Dear Lord, what could that mean for them?  That THEY don’t have to be perfect?  That flaws are not what define us?  That we are all broken, but we are all welcomed by Jesus?

What if things are happening in His Kingdom and for it, that you have NO IDEA about, because your home is EXACTLY what it is?  How many times have we missed the opportunity for that because we wouldn’t offer to host a meeting or have someone to dinner, because we didn’t want anyone to see that we’re not living the same as others?

Oh dear hearts, I’ve been there.  I’m sorry to say it- it’s shameful.  I almost didn’t want to write this post.  But I’m hoping that sharing this with you might encourage you to see your own home in a different light.

This secondhand furniture is exactly what God chose for you, because He had a purpose for it.  It’s not an accident.  If there’s one thing we should know about Him by now, it’s that NOTHING is ever an accident with Him.  Your home has been carefully crafted by the Lord, each rickety table and mismatched pillow, all to draw others to Him. He poured over the furnishings, choosing this and that, and saying, yes, this one is just right.  This couch with its worn spot, and that chair with its scratched wood, and those curtains that are just a little too long.  This place is just right.  This place is glorified and will bring light into the world.

What if your home is beautiful in His eyes?

Because, friend, it is.

It is lovely, and good, and useful, and has been constructed to fit your heart and hand so that you can use it for Him.  Look around and delight in it.  Rest in it.  Look with kind eyes on these walls, whose tasks go beyond what we can see in this world.  Open your door wide, don’t be ashamed.  Stop apologizing. That’s what our enemy would have, that we would close off our corner of the world.  That we would believe it is not enough, that we are not enough, that HE is not enough.  Lies.  Because what our enemy knows is that, there is nothing more powerful than a home that loves the Lord, and whose door is open.

Stand at your threshold and rejoice, woman of the humble home.

For you are a daughter of the King, and your home is His dwelling place.