Well, it’s here again.  The post where I weep uncontrollably over my children’s relentless and merciless march through childhood.  Or, as everybody else knows it, The First Day of School Pics.  (It’s the side by side that gets ya.  WHY DO I DO THIS???)

So, Czarina last year, in 8th grade:

And this year, in 9th, in HIGH SCHOOL:

Oh, give me strength. 

Last year, here was HeroBoy, in 5th:

And now, knocking out his last year of elementary as a 6th grader:

That’s it, I quit.  I can’t go on.  Make it stop.

Here is the Duke, last year as a 3rd grader:

And here he is, sliding into 4th like a pro:

Deep breaths.

Chipmunk, last year as a 1st grader:

And now, in 2nd:

(I do believe his hair has gotten redder this past year!  I will admit no other changes in this fellar.)

Lastly, here’s Mister, in PK3 last year:

And now, looking sharp for PK4, ready to do this thing:

So, there ya have it, in one sharp blow.  A whole year passed in ten photos.  It’s gonna be a great year!  But more on that in the next post.  Now, I must go drown my sorrows in some strawberry ice cream. 

It’s the only way.