Spring break, y’all.  There are seniors in Cancun right this very minute, tanned, blonde, free from all the worries of the adult world, drink in hand, dancing till crazy hours of the morning- who are not enjoying Spring Break the way I am.  I am REVELING in it.  Living. It. Up.  Nobody can appreciate spring break like a homeschooling mother of five.  Move over, seniors.  Your week of poor judgement, gravity-defying bikinis, and ill conceived tattoos has nothing on mine!  I am rocking this spring break.  I’m even considering getting a t-shirt made.

So!  We have been making the most of it.  Namely, getting ready to move a portabuilding from our backyard.  (See?  Isn’t this more stimulating than Cancun?  There’s really no comparison here.) It’s been a long process of sorting, cleaning, and getting rid of the stuff that has accumulated in there for the last fifteen years.  But am I complaining?  No sirree.  I am so excited to get this thing out of our line of vision, I can hardly stand it.  This brown and cream beast has been blocking a beautiful view to the pasture and swamp, and I’ve been wanting it gone since we moved here almost two years ago.  Finally, the day has arrived and we will move it this afternoon.  The plan is to hitch it up to a tractor (courtesy of my sweet nephew, Jackson) and pull it on it’s sled rails and wooden rollers.  Keep your fingers crossed that the whole thing doesn’t just fall apart.  :/  Once it is in its new position (hopefully not scattered around my yard), we will be able to till up the garden spot, and put in the chicken coop.  Lots of fun outsidey things going on around my house lately!  Does my soul good.  I suspect this would make an awesome Spring Break t-shirt.  Wheels are turning, folks.

Besides that, lots of other stuff going on to keep us hopping around.  The Duke and Chipmunk have speech therapy twice a week.  (They shared a distaste for the letter R.  We’re slowly overcoming it.)  The Duke and Czarina auditioned for a play, and we’ll hear back on that in a day or two.  Even if they don’t get parts, we’ll probably do stage crew stuff.  There’s my little sister’s wedding, and all the accompanying showers and shopping, etc.  I am also helping to plan a church youth group reunion, and there’s Easter to think of, photo shoots for different folks, chicks coming in the mail in a week (the feathered kind.  We’re not importing mail order brides for the boys.  Yet.), and school, of course.  I have started a fitness plan and eating better, which takes up some mental energy as well.  We are Biz-zay.

It’s great, all of it.  I love life.  I love what I’ve got, who I’ve got, and what I do.  I thank God for the gift of it all, even on the days that it means getting dirty and tired.

That’s all, ladies and gents.  Just wanted to pop in for a few minutes to say hi and do a quick update on things in general.  Hope everyone has a wonderful spring, and many Saturdays full of enjoyable labor for your hands.  🙂

PS.  I am now taking TShirt orders.