There are a million and one ways to homeschool, and even more ways to set up your learning space! This year, we’re blessed enough to have a separate dining room to turn into my happy place. It’s mahvalous, dahling! Here are our school room rules. We like to keep it simple, and cute.


So, here is standing outside my dining room. We hung a heavy curtain- helps to block out the world when we need to get focused, and keep cool/hot when we want.


Stepping all the way into the room, you’ll see the technology corner: We do a lot of stuff with the internet and computer disks!

IMG_4276Then, to your left, is the library:  We’re still building up our supply of reference books.  Paint and playdough up top, and mailboxes that we made to deliver letters/goodies to each other through the school year.  (Good writing AND kindness practice!) On the whiteboard, I jot down words we misspell or whatever we need to work out visually.


Pulling back, you can see the timeline in this photo as well:


Then turning around, you can see my cabinet o’ wonders:


It’s my fave.  Here is where I store our notebooks, manipulatives, teacher manuals, flashcards, etc.:


Here’s our spelling center:  We play games and do copywork with the words we misspell throughout the day.


The opposite wall is where I keep most of the student supplies.  Boxes of crayons, markers, colored pencils, art supplies are all here.


Up close, you’ll see their individual boxes with workbooks, etc.:


Message center:  chore lists and assignment board let them know what’s up!  I just made these out of regular picture frames and white paper behind them.


So, that’s it.  That’s where our magic happens.  Hope you enjoyed a little peek into our school world!