Hey friends!  It’s late and I’m wiped.  But before I go to bed, I gotta take care of this post!  I don’t want another day to pass without our traditional comparison of the First Day of School photos. I  can hardly bear it– seriously.  But we must forge ahead, because life will not wait for me to catch up.  I’ll just grab my kleenex and get ready for the pain.

Here’s Czarina, last year:


And this year, as an 8th grader:


HeroBoy last year:


and this year, Mr. Cool 5th grader:


The Duke last year:


And this year (are you KIDDING ME???) as my big 3rd grader:


Chipmunk last year:


And this year, as a 1st grader, with a smile all his own:


And Mister last year:  (come on, let’s all have a little cry over this one)


And this year, in “3K” as he calls it:  (sniff, sniff)


Whew!!  It’s done.  It hurt, but I feel better.  I’ve accepted it (for a while anyway!)– that they’re gonna grow.  It’s inevitable.  No matter how much I try to squish them down, they just won’t stay little.  (I’m sure this is closely related to how they’re also eating us out of house and home.)

Next up:  school room photos.  Stay tuned!  They’re magically delicious.