There are a lot of things to catch up on, but right now, I want to tell you what’s been cooking in the home school department.   A LOT!  It’s seriously cut into my housework time, actually. There may have been a few days that the boys drew straws to see who got to wear the last pair of clean underwear.  Kidding. (ish.)

I’ve been pouring over curriculum options and reviews, and evaluating my teaching methods for a few weeks.  I finally wrapped it up though, and now we have one more week to hang out before officially launching our 2013/2014 school year.  I thought you’d like to see what I’m teaching this year.  Yes?  No?  It’s okay, you don’t have to keep reading this post if you aren’t into it.  No one will even know it.  (Except me, when I ask you about it later.  And then, you’ll have to pretend you read it and I’ll have to pretend to believe you.  Ha.)

So, with five kids, I’m learning that the more I can teach them as a group, the better.  I toyed around with this concept a bit for the past two years in history with Story of the World.  Loved the concept, but we needed more structure.  So we’re switching to Mystery of History.  We will read the text together, and do some supporting activities as a group, but then Czarina and HeroBoy will have additional readings from  the Heritage History CDs.   Following the group idea, all the boys will be using Apologia Zoology:  Flying Animals of the 5th Day.  Czarina will be using Switched on Schoolhouse‘s General Science and Family/Consumer Science computer courses.  Everybody will be using Bob Jones Grammar & Writing and Wordly Wise for spelling/vocab.   Sticking with good, old A Beka Phonics and Math for Chipmunk, and A Beka reading for the Duke. For math, we’re using Teaching Textbooks for Czarina, HeroBoy, and the Duke.   We’ve had good success with Getty-Dubay for handwriting, so we’re staying with that for everyone (except Czarina!  She’s done with that!!)   For Bible/Geography, we will be watching the Drive Thru History series, starting with the Holy Land episodes, and independent Scripture memory.  I’m sure we’ll do some  unit studies on the countries we study as we go along, but I don’t have anything formally planned.

Those are the textbook type things we’re doing.  The big change this year is Notebooking, which I’ve already mentioned.  Revolutionary!  I can’t wait to write more about this as we go along.  We’ll also still be doing missionary read alouds, and we’ll be keeping nature journals, spending part of our school day on Fridays taking family walks and observing/recording.  Aside from all that, HeroBoy and the Duke are taking a music class two days a week, and I’m not sure what we’ll find for Czarina and the little boys, but they’ll have something, too.

There ya have it!  That’s the plan. That’s where I’ve been the last two weeks and why there has been a severe underwear shortage in my house.  I love to read about what other people are teaching in their families, and it’s fun to share with y’all what we’re doing, too!

Okay, I’m outta here for now!  Time to go wash some undies.  Happy Sunday!