Shhh…. they’re all asleep.  The kids.  The two birds.  The puppy.  My husband.  All tuckered out from a day of making me feel special and appreciated.

My heart is full and happy.  Not because they recognized my hard work, not because they praised my cooking skills, laundry finesse, or bedtime story artistry.  (Though, those are sweet things to say, and I will admit, my bedtime stories rock.)

No, what makes today so wonderful is that I get to be reminded of how great a treasure it is to be the mom of THESE children.  We moms know the deal:  it’s not about how good a mother we are to you.  We’re not nodding in agreement as you extol all our matronly virtues, ’cause we KNOW.  We know how selfish and impatient and cranky things can get behind the scenes.  We know you bear the brunt of our imperfections and sins.  (That terrifies us most of the time, to be honest.)

So, no, we’re not thinking of what great mothers we are today.  But don’t get me wrong.  This is one of the best days of the year.   The joy and pleasure you see in our eyes is genuine.  What’s happening is that we are marveling at how amazing it is that we get YOU!!  We get love we don’t deserve, and couldn’t possibly earn.  We get your cuteness, your sweetness, your soft skin and lovely scent.  We get your wit and charm and unexpected acts of selflessness.  We get your heart and tiny wilted flowers from the yard and your head on our shoulder and you telling us with absolute conviction that we are the prettiest mama in the whole world.  We get to be the one you want when you’re hurt.  You cry when we leave, for goodness sake!  And squeal with joy when we come back!

God blessed me with an extravagant love, a gift tailored perfectly to my soul–and then multiplied it times five.

I know!!  It’s absolutely amazing.  God could have stopped at just saving me from hell and giving me eternal life with Him, and it would have been mind blowing enough.  But He just kept on blessing me.    He has poured out more on me that I can ever measure.  He can’t stop blessing me, won’t stop blessing me– because that is who He is, and what He does.  He is endlessly prodigal in His love for His children.

The true gift of  Mother’s Day is this– in knowing the Gift Giver.  The Creator.  The One Who Gives Good Things.  I rejoice today because of the love of a God that would prompt such wonderful gifts.  Unfathomable.

Happy Mother’s Day, all.