If my life was a day, it would be about 9:30 a.m. {If I live to be 90}
The sun has risen, and breakfast is behind me.  I have made beds, had my second cup of coffee, and begun school.

I am planning my day, considering the supper menu, working on a schedule of events for  the day.  Momentum is picking up, and the day is in full swing.

And that is my life, in truth.  I am eager, the sleep wiped from my eyes, and I am ready for the tasks ahead.  I want the most from this day, from this life.  I want to be IN it, present, alert, participating in every moment.  The clock moves forever forward, and I want each strike of the hand to matter.

One life, that’s all we have.  One turn of the clock.  And the reality is, I may not live to be 90.  Maybe it’s not 9:30 in the morning for me.  An invisible clock is ticking, set at an hour I do not know.  And neither do you.  And that’s okay.  We aren’t supposed to know.  But we are supposed to live as though we are nearing midnight, because we are, my mortal friend.  This clock moves only one direction.


Say I love you. 

Say I forgive you.  I’m sorry.  Thank you.

Give more than you get, love more than you’re loved.

Open your heart and your home.  Be vulnerable.  Say hard things that need to be said, but say them in love.  Be humble, be strong.  Work hard, but know when to just enjoy the moment.  Believe the best about people, be kind.    Bring beauty into the lives of others.  Look for broken things, and fix them.  Look for hurts and soothe them.

Don’t let there be anything left of you- be a vessel that has been poured out, used up.  Don’t hold back anything for later, for tomorrow, or because you’re scared they’ll be nothing left if you give it all.  That’s the point.  Give it all, before the clock stops.

When the hand is frozen– let there be nothing undone.  No love lost, no mercy forgotten.  No one left needing your forgiveness, no hunger unsatisfied, no empty arms or unruffled hair or broken hearts.

Let midnight come with rejoicing, and with peace. Not regret.

Live that way today, and all days– and it will not matter at what hour the clock points.