Things are looking good, my friend.  It’s Monday, and I’m UP.  God answered some prayers this weekend, and I’m flying high.

King Pen has work coming, and this is happy, welcome news. Oh, how I love the look in his eyes when he is reaching for this dream!  I am swept up with him in the excitement, in his passion.  Being one body and one flesh is such a pleasure in moments like this.  His accomplishments and successes are sweet to my soul.  When he takes flight, I do, too.  It is extraordinary.

So, a pretty awesome start to the week.  I am overwhelmed, once again, with the goodness and provision of God.  And not just materially, but more than that.  I am thankful for this man at my side.  This person who is indivisible from me- whose boundaries are blurred into mine until we are one thing.

I am thankful that I get to be the other half of him.  That we are sharing a journey that no other human will ever fully know– that our life is a dance meant just for WonderGirl and King Pen.   That seventeen years have passed, and we’re still learning new steps and the music still plays and it always will.  That God gave me someone who knows me and loves me in a way nobody else could.  That I get to be the most important person in the world to somebody.  What an amazing thing.

All for now.  From this point on, I just get super cheesy, and you don’t need to see that.  🙂  Happy Monday, everybody.