Good morning, beautiful people!  Happy Saturday!

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and I’ve had eighteen cups of coffee!  So we are off to a stellar and slightly jittery beginning.

Today’s agenda:  survive all the basketball activities of the day.  HeroBoy and the Duke are both playing, and it’s team picture day on top of that.  So, it’s a little hectic.  King Pen is working a home expo show this weekend, so I am on my own.  Except for my mother-in-law, God bless her.  What would I do without this woman?

The basketball games are fun, though.  It’s their first year playing and now that the initial shock and nervousness has worn off, they are having a good time.  It is exciting to watch- makes me want to get out there and play!  I help them practice a little during the week, so I get a little taste of it.  Just enough to make me mean.  (I have been told I get a little competitive.  I reject this entirely as vicious propaganda spread by my enemies.)

Kidding.  I play nice.

Besides the games, I don’t have much planned.  We’ll wrap all that up by the middle of the day, and then I’m free to do whatever I want!  Hahahaha!  Listen at me, making such funny jokes.  Nah, we’ll just hang out the rest of the day and I’ll get things organized for Sunday.

Okay, I have to go, so I’ll bulletpoint the last few things I wanted to say:

  • Potty-training going well.  Skittles help.
  • Finished reading a book that made me laugh out loud seventeen times, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.
  • I’m wearing a very perky pink nail polish called E-nuff is E-nuff.
  • I’m happy.

That is all.  Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!  I’ll check back in with you later.