Oh sky, how beautiful you molt,

Shedding the gray woolen clouds of winter.

Leaving a clear, bright dome of blue above my head.

The sky is a welcome sight today.  It is all I can do to focus and complete the household and schooling tasks and not go out and enjoy it, escape into it.  My hand itches for the camera, my feet for shoes that can get a little muddy.  After this tiny pause for writing, I will roam around out there, and feel better.  It’s been a tough day.  I feel a bit knocked around by the world.  It’s okay, there are just days like that– the important thing is to get out from underneath them.  To see the sky.  To know there’s Someone handling this.  To rest in that knowledge.

I could put it all into words for you, but I’m not sure the details matter.  Why count the woes?  Mine are certainly not as bad as most- I thrive, as do my children and my husband– we have comfort and food and happiness and that’s so much more than most of the world.  What sorrows have I to dwell upon?  Rather, I will walk outside, and gaze at the immeasurable glories around me.  I will take heart in the clear sky, and know that every gray cloud passes in time.