I keep coming back to this picture.


It’s not that it’s particularly good.  The angles are strange, the placement of items in the frame doesn’t quite meet the “rule of thirds.”  It’s random, and I can’t think of a single use for it.  But, every time I go to hit the “delete” button, I can’t quite do it.  For some reason, I’m a bit fascinated with the blue and the orange, and the sense of “waiting.”  It seems like I’ve caught the end of a story here, or maybe a beginning.  I don’t know, but I haven’t the heart to make it disappear.

I won’t delete it, not for now.  Because it’s good to be fascinated, even with the small things.  Whenever I hear someone say a particular thing fascinates them, my ears perk up.  I’m interested.  What is it, this thing that enthralls you?  What is it that you can’t help but be drawn to– the thing that you can’t quite shake?  Tell me about it- tell me about its rarity and charm, tell me about its hold over you.  Tell me why it calls and claims your attention over and over again.

Sometimes, it feels like fascination is in short supply in our world. We’re too busy, too jaded, too something.   So, when our sensibilities are tickled, when there is a flicker of interest and curiosity, we must foster it.  We must nourish that flame of whimsy, so that it blazes into something amazing.  Fascination breeds passion, which breeds all sorts of wonders in this life.

You have to let the blue chairs sit in your imagination for a while, and see what comes of them.  Could be something kind of spectacular.