2012 is still hanging around in piles around my house.  Clothes, dishes, gifts waiting to be put away…

and I’m sitting here, composing my goodbye to another year.

Weighing regrets, decisions, successes and failures– how shall I remember 2012?  I’m sure you’re doing the same thing.  What worked, what didn’t, what will we do differently in 2013?  Isn’t it wonderful to have that chance again?  We turn the page all over again, to another blank year.  The past is the past, and we look ahead.  How refreshing.

But, while it is refreshing, and exciting, it can also be a little scary and uncertain.  What lay ahead?

Well, we don’t know.  Not entirely.  Will business thrive?  Will relationships be strained?  Will health decline?  Will governments fail?  We don’t know.  We pray that all good things will continue and all crises be averted, but there are no guarantees.  A year from today, what will we be looking back on?  There is no predicting the joys or sorrows ahead.

But, even so, we have no cause for worry.  Because there are few things we DO know.  And they are big ones.

We know that God will continue to be merciful.  He will continue to save, to call, to answer, to heal, to work, to move.  He will continue that work in you that He has begun.  He will continue to hold the stars and sun in the sky.  He will make caterpillars into butterflies.  He will grow babies in the womb.  He will sustain life, He will welcome home saints.  He will bless you, keep you.  He will forgive a thousand, thousand sins.  He will redeem, He will restore, He will renew.  He will be glorified in all things.

He will continue.

Because that’s what He does, what He is.  He is forever.  He is the Alpha and the Omega.  Years pass, measuring a million lifetimes, and He is the One Constant through it all.

So, facing another year of unknowns– facing a 2013 that will be full of highs and lows that we can’t possibly foresee– we know this:

God will be there through it all, being Who He is.  What have we to fear?  He is King of All Time, and 2013 already belongs to Him.  Let’s shoot the fireworks, pop the champagne, kiss our sweethearts!  Let us look ahead with joy and anticipation at His lordship in another year.  Christians, rejoice!

It is a happy new year, indeed, for it is another year of our Lord.