Hello, dears!

Long time.  Pull up a chair, let’s have a cuppa and catch up.  We have so much to cover, don’t we?

We are in full holiday mode over here.  What an amazing time of the year!  We were trying to do school up until yesterday, and I finally just called it quits.  My head is in the clouds these days!  I am fresh out of lesson plans, the school room needs organizing, and all I can think about it making some Christmas cookies and wrapping presents.  So, I admitted the dominion of the season, and released the masses from their studies.  There were shouts of joy and hallelujahs!  The kids were excited, too.


Czarina started her orthodontic work yesterday:  an expander.  It’s a piece of metal that fits in the roof of her mouth, and you turn this key every night in it to push the teeth apart.  It’s a bit uncomfortable and difficult to eat around, but she’s been a trooper.  I’m just glad to get this thing going, and get her jaw aligned correctly!  It pops out of place and gives her pain periodically, and this will resolve that for her eventually.  After wearing this for a few months, she’ll get braces.  She’ll be ever-so-cute, I just know it.  She is less certain of this.  But I can just see it now.  Tweeny cuteness.

In other news, HeroBoy and the Duke have started basketball for the first time.  They’ve never played before, so they are learning all the fundamentals and are pretty nervous about it all.  I know they’ll have lots of fun, once they get the hang of it.  We practice all through the month, and games start up in January.

Chipmunk is full of Christmas spirit– so happy.  He’s just a happy guy, no matter what.  But this time of the year, he is like a string of Christmas lights, all bright and shiny.  As for the Mister, well, he is vacillating between the naughty and the nice list on an almost hourly basis.  He is too cute, too sweet, and too mischievous all at one time.  I don’t know whether to kiss him or spank him half the time!  Pretty normal for a two year old, methinks.  Although, his birthday is coming up!  He’ll be three next month, so that whole “terrible twos” thing won’t jive for much longer.

As for King Pen, he is still chugging away with work.  People ask us all the time how it’s going, and my answer is different every time.  Some days, it feels like the world is at our fingertips and it’s just a matter of minutes before we’re up and flying.   Other times, it’s scary and hard and I don’t want to burden anybody with my uncertainty.  They say it takes a year before you really settle into a new business, and I always thought that was a bit pessimistic.  But going through it, I can see the reality of that estimate.  Keep praying for us, with us.  I don’t think we’re on the wrong path, we’re just not very far along it yet.

Despite being in unknown territory with the business end of life, it doesn’t touch the contentment that has settled into my soul.

I am full.

And it’s not because my life is perfect.  It’s really not, in case that’s what it looks like from the outside.  We have our problems.  Our bumps in the road.  Our dysfunctions, our histories, our weaknesses and sins and challenges.

But God is good.  He’s saved me.  No, He’s saving me, day by day.  It never ends, what He does for me, and in me.  Every day is grand, even if it all goes wrong.  Even if the milk gets spilled, and the car breaks down, and the pipes overflow.   He is good, and He is with me, and I can count it all a joy.  Because it’s LIFE.  He gave it me- the highs and lows,  ups and downs, all to experience and learn from.  He gives me rain and He gives me fire and He knows what He’s doing every second of my life.

Am I a broken record?  Do I dwell too much on my contentment, my satisfaction?  It is a theme I find myself continually drawn back to lately– because it surprises me.  It took a long time to figure out what was truly going to make me happy– and a lot of that searching I did publicly, here on my blog.  I wrote where I was, sometimes foolishly, painfully, selfishly.  Remember those days?  Maybe not so much– I didn’t publish all the posts I wrote- and you can be glad of that.  Those feelings generate a lot of words, but they are empty.  They do not satisfy the reader or the writer.  But the words found in peace… they are rich and full and nurturing.  If I am quiet nowadays, it is because I am so happy.  My heart won’t fit on these pages anymore, because it is fat and content.

It doesn’t mean I don’t want to write, or that I won’t write.  But I am not desperate to fill a void with words anymore.  I’m not clinging to them in panic.  I can just use them, to draw a line around my life.  I can use them to show the shape of the goodness I have come to understand, by God’s grace and mercy.  Today, I’m writing my 2,000th post, and I’ll tell you, it took every single one of them to get me here today.  Every word was a step to this place, and I’m thanking Him for healing these blind eyes along the way.  It is hard to write when you just can’t see.

All these things on my mind lately, wrapping closely in with Christmas– well, it is the season to be joyful, isn’t it?  What better time than this?

Okay, I must be off.  It’s lunch time now, and there are ravenous beasts all around me.  Happy Wednesday, my friend.  I hope your step is light, and your heart is full today.