Another day, with no Facebook.  I think I deserve a 48 hour chip or something.  Sheesh!  Who knew it would be this hard!  But, on the plus side, I called an old neighbor in Pineville and caught up with her.  I finally managed to change out the kid’s dentist and set up an appointment for them. Went to the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum for a fieldtrip. I’ve cleaned, worked out, and made fudge (okay, ATE fudge) with my grandmother.  (Nevermind that I completely negated the workout with the fudge.  Hush.)  Listened to some of her old stories of her childhood and mine.  It’s been a busy few days with all my non-Facebooky time.

It’s sort of weird, though.  Engaged as I am in my real life, I do wonder what’s going on with everybody else.  I feel like Halbach, Emily, and Teri have all snuck out of Facebook to come to talk to me on the outside.  There is a little thrill at breaking the rules, passing secret notes when FB isn’t watching.  Thank you, friends.  (We can all sit in detention together if we get busted!)  Seriously though, it is nice to know that although FB is convenient in a lot of ways, the people who love ya will go the long way ’round if they have to.  Y’all are the best.

Okay, I’m off to bed.  Nothing much to say tonight, though there are thoughts aplenty stirring in my head.  After a few quiet months at the Sift, I do believe the wind is picking up.

Sweet dreams to all.