Time for a little drive-by blogging.
It was a long week here at Siftville. Lots of sickies and general malaise. We missed some fun meet-ups with friends and family, but what can you do? Thankfully, we all seem better today.

The cat keeps getting out. It makes me so mad! I realize it’s silly to be aggravated with a cat for wanting to do a very catlike thing, but still. She gets out and stays out all night, then comes dragging in when the sun comes up and wants to sleep all day. Uh, no. Get a job, cat. I’m not supporting this lifestyle.

Yesterday, they cut down the pasture for the last time before the winter. It’s sorta sad. The broom sage was coming up so pretty, and I kept meaning to get a picture of it. But, now the kids can run through it again without me fretting over snakes.

Snakes. Moving on.

We’ve been working on Halloween costumes.  I had the best mom-idea ever, for all of us to go as Robin Hood characters.  I know- right?  Talk about CUTE.  I could just see it.  Calhoun could have been King Richard.  Solon would be Friar Tuck– so, stinking, cute.

But I wasn’t able to sell it.  Tough crowd.  And if I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that there’s nothing like a cranky Robin Hood to ruin trick or treating.  So, we have a mix of Lord of the Ring characters, animals, myths, and community helpers.  A motley crew bent on depriving their mother of her hard earned right to organized cuteness.  Oh well.  I’ll just eat their candy, and that will make me feel better.

EXCEPT for Calhoun.  He doesn’t know it yet, but he is gonna be the CUTEST thing ever.  Don’t wanna spoil it, but we match.  Take that, older kids!  He’s in the running to  becoming My Favorite.  There are benefits to that position, you know.  Like, I don’t take as much of his candy.  I know, it’s a corrupt system.  (It’s the two-party thing, you can’t get out from under it.)

Okay, I gotta get outta here.  Muffins to serve up, and Friday to attend.  Hope y’all have a great weekend!