The sky blushes lightly behind the trees as the sun rises this morning.  It’s beautiful, and it makes me a little bit sad.  That’s the way of truly beautiful things, isn’t it?  They are so pretty, so perfect, that they leave a little ache within.  It doesn’t make sense, but it’s true.

But I am not melancholy today, oh no!  It is a good day to be alive, a good day to be living my life.  I feel rich today.  I cannot stop seeing the good things– I cannot stop finding more and more to be thankful for.  Sweetness falls from the sky in great sheets, and I am drenched.

How have I not known this all along?  I saw such a small portion of it before… before what?  I don’t know.  I don’t know why I see things now; I don’t know what’s changed.  But it’s like I was seeing a close up of the good things in life, and now the scene has expanded to show even more.  The vastness of  His mercy and abundance stuns me– the horizon of goodness stretches farther than I could have imagined.  And it is breathtaking.  Endless.

What have I done to merit any of this?


I imagine His great rolling laugh, His thunderous joy at giving a gift so undeserved.  It is His pleasure to be generous, to make princes out of paupers.  His will is a a wondrous thing, isn’t it?

Anyway, those are just my thoughts this morning.  There are more things to say, more of life to share with you, but breakfast is calling, and good morning hugs to give, so I must be off.  Happy Thursday, friends.  May you feel the drenching rains of His goodness today!