Ah, it’s Birthday Eve.  Time for the annual ritual of Contemplating and Analyzing My Life.  Heh.
And you know what?  This ritual doesn’t take long, cause Life’s good.  I love it.  My cup overflows.  I live in the wealthiest, healthiest, freest country on the planet.  I can worship as I please, eat what I want, when I want.  I can have as many children as I see fit, I can get medicine when I’m sick, there is hot water that comes right out of the wall into my bath-tub.  I go to sleep on a comfortable bed with conditioned air and no fear for my safety.  I can read the Bible in my own language.  Go to a dentist and keep my teeth from falling out.

My children are a joy.  My husband is my best friend.  I have family on top of family that loves me as I am.

It’s a pretty wonderful life.

All these things I have– I am so incredibly rich.  I have more than many people will ever have in today’s age, and more than most people in all of history!  I have enjoyed thirty-seven years of wealth and abundance and joy.  I want for nothing– and it has all come from the Lord.  Every good thing comes from above, let me NEVER cease to say it or believe it.

Happy birthday, me.  Don’t even bother with the candles.  There are no wishes left to make.