Hello, friends!  Week Three of Accendo Academy begins tomorrow, and I am finally getting around to our first day of the year photos!  You didn’t know we had an official name, did you?  Yup. I register us each year with the state school system, and this has been our chosen name for several years now.  It is Latin for “to kindle, illuminate, inflame.”  That’s what it’s all about for us– we are seeking to nurture (or kindle!) a love for learning in our children, and at the same time, help them grow into beacons and lights in this world.  If we haven’t done those two things, then we have missed the mark, no matter what the grade book says.  The very end goal of education is not so they can have a high ACT score and a successful career.  (Though those are admirable and desirable!) The principle, driving force behind their education in our minds though, is for them to be able to love Jesus more, and share that love with the world.  We’re working hard scholastically, and we want them to be successful students– but we keep the bigger picture in mind.  “Accendo” helps us do that.

Anyway!  We’re off to a good start.  Organized, motivated, and optimistic.  I know the year will hold highs and lows (they always do), but I can tell  we’re gonna hit a nice stride this year.  (If I can just get Mister Two Year Old to get with the program.  Heh.)  There will be lots of learning and hard work, but plenty of fun times, too.  I am excited, and I think the kids are, too.

And now, let’s get right down to it.  Here’s my dear seventh grader, Czarina this year, against the pink wall, and last year in 6th.

And HeroBoy, representing the 4th graders in the house, next to his 3rd grade self:

Aw, the Duke!  2nd grade this year, and last year’s snaggle-tooth 1st grade:

Chipmunk, officially in kindergarten this year, and last year’s pre-K.  (if you can call coloring pages pre-K, ’cause that’s basically all we did last year)

Mister, who has graduated from elementary Knucklehead to Advanced Rascal this year:

And, let’s not forget Kitmo, who decides that my lesson plans are the most comfortable place to sit, only during school hours.  Such a cat.

I am still working on my school room, but I’ll share pictures of that as soon as I’m done.  More on school later, first day interviews (a new tradition!!) and a few other details of our 2012/2013 year!
Happy Labor Day, folks!  Have a great week!!