Dear Students:

Once again, we’re quickly approaching the end of the summer and the beginning of a new school year.  While you have been squeezing in the last bits of vacation fun, I have been going over reading lists and buying your school supplies.  We’re almost ready.  I’m sure that’s not as exciting a statement to you as it is to me.  But I’m ready. 

I’m ready to watch you grow, and learn.

I’m ready to see the proud twinkle in your eye when you master a difficult skill.

I’m ready to see your interests develop as you study new topics.

I’m ready to hear you read for the first time, to see your handwriting become legible, to read the funny stories you write in your school journal.

But more than all that, I’m ready to just BE with you.  Not simply washing your clothes or fussing about how loud the video game is or putting sunscreen on your reluctant little self.  I’m ready to sit with you, and make sense of math.  I’m ready for our Bible lessons and missionary stories and talks about Pocahontas.  I’m ready to be your teacher again.  I’ve missed it.  You know why?  Because I have the absolute, best, most wonderful students in the world.  I love you more than any other teacher could possibly love you.  I know sometimes life around here can be crazy and chaotic and maybe having a toddler underfoot makes it hard to concentrate on your work.  But I want you to know, it is wonderful to me to have the privilege of homeschooling you.  I wouldn’t. trade. it. for. the. world.  I love that we get to be together, and that I get to share in your learning experience.  I love that on top of getting to be your mom, I also get to be your teacher.  Not every mom gets to do that- it’s like I got extra cherries on my ice cream.  I get more of YOU. Teaching you is a joy to me, always.  Even in the hard moments.  (hello, math.) The fact that you don’t get on a bus and ride away from me for eight hours a day is an unbelievable blessing.  Did you know that?  Maybe you didn’t. But it’s true.

I will never, ever, ever regret doing things our own way.  I hope you won’t, either.

So, as you nervously note the arrival of school books in the mail… don’t be worried.  Don’t think all the fun is shutting down with the departure of summer.  We’re going to have a really great year, I promise.  As a matter of fact, I think this is going to be the best one yet.

Hope you enjoy your last few days before school.  I’ll see you bright and early on Monday.  (And every other day before then, too, since we live in the same house.)

I’ll be the one with the big smile and a pile of books.



Your Teacher,