Went for an early morning walk with a neighbor today.  When I came back, it was so lovely out there, I had to take my camera and do it all again by myself.  I ambled around, exploring, enjoying the cool breeze and the quiet and the beauty of the agrarian life around me.  It’s not just nature that is so enchanting here- it’s man living in it.  Taming it, utilizing it, experiencing it.  The old barns and tractors, the scattering of corn along the sides of the road that blew off the grain trucks, the pastures full of round hay bales, faithful iron windmills, the neat straight rows of crops still waiting to be harvested– it’s better because we’re here.  In this little corner of the world, man and nature have come together to say, this is life, and it is good.

I couldn’t quite get it with my camera, and I know my words fall short as well.  But, I”ll just keep trying– to show how wide and blue the sky, how tidy and industrious the pecan orchard, how dark and mysterious the waters of the Brimberry.  And if all else fails, you will just have to come see for yourself.