Kitmo and I are staring out the back glass doors, watching the morning make its way here.  She’s eyeing the birds.  I’m drinking coffee and marveling over haybales.  It is so lovely out there in the pasture that I had to step outside to take this picture.  I love that– the fresh inspiration that calls the camera into my hand.  The same inspiration that has me sitting in front of my blog, trying to share the moment with you.  I am inspired here.

So, everybody is asleep, and the morning is ours for a few minutes.  It won’t last long, but while it does, it’s sweet.

I got up early and went for a run for the first time in weeks.  It was great to have a little piece of my routine back.  King Pen is getting ready for work (his first REAL day!!) and now the kids are starting to trickle in and ask what’s for breakfast.  There’s an egret walking around in the backyard. His long, goofy legs are making the kids giggle, and Kitmo go crazy. We named him Jerry.

The day has started, and normalcy is coming back to the WonderGirl household.

It’s exciting.

Which is kinda funny to me– normalcy?  Ordinariness?  Doesn’t sound all that exciting.  But it is.   Haybales and breakfast and sunrises and silly birds named Jerry– these are the makings of a good morning in the country.

Happy, Monday, everybody.  Hope you have a lovely week, full of ordinary, inspiring moments.