Oh dear.  It’s a quarter to midnight, everybody else is in bed, and I am feeling restless.  The only light on is the computer monitor, and my blog is a-calling.  This could be good, or bad.  I’ll have to reserve judgement till I see what fills this blank screen.

Today was full, every second of it.  I got hung up in the kitchen, packing the billions of little items that I’m not entirely convinced are necessary anymore.  Fondant roller?  I used it once.  And who needs two toasters?  I have been on the battlefield all day, my victims filling a dozen bags lined up for the garbage man tomorrow.  I am the terror of clutter, the sinister slayer of junk.  Plastic cups quake in fear, broken toys tremble at my approach…


I can see where this is going.

I’m rambling.  Because the fact is, I don’t want to go get in bed and admit this day is over.  I will lay there, outlining tomorrow in my head.  I will tally all the things left to do, work up a schedule for our very last complete day, and then it will all be real.

That moving truck will REALLY be in my driveway tomorrow.  We’ve really gone and done it.  The ledge is there, and we’re getting ready to jump.  And maybe I’m a little bit scared, when it all comes down to it.  Not so much about moving, but why we’re moving.  So that King Pen can start his own firm, and work for himself.  The whole point of the last eleven years is NOW.

And this actual moment, when you take what has been a dream for so long, and you go for it— man. There’s a second when there is only air– and you’re not sure.  Will you make it?  Will you come down on solid ground?

So, that’s where I am.  In between boxes. In between homes.  In between the known and the unknown.  I’m not sure where we’re coming down.  I’m praying, and hoping– and honestly, I think it will all be okay.  But, I have to admit, with a jump this big…. my eyes are squeezed tight, and I’m letting out a yelp–

till my feet hit something firm again.

But now, my friends,  it’s time for bed.  We both know it.  It’s not time for jumping, or rambling, or introspecting. Just time to close your eyes and mind, and let tomorrow be tomorrow.  All’s well tonight, and that’ll do for me.  Lights out, and sweet dreams, everybody.