King Pen is mowing the lawn.  Even though we are moving in three days, he’s out there, doing his duty.  Bless his heart- it’s HOT out there.  I wouldn’t want that job, no sirree.

The youngest three (the bottom boys, as my sister called them the other day) are watching Spongebob.

The oldest two are at the neighbor’s house, squeezing in every bit of playtime they can.

And me– I’m in between packing boxes, and needed a moment.

Just a moment, to catch my breath.

We are in the midst of that necessary chaos of moving.  It’s kinda fun, and kinda not.  I’ll be glad to have this part behind us, either way.  It’s not easy living between skyscrapers of boxes.  The cat is a bit freaked out, and Calhoun thinks this is the new normal.  Neither of them has any idea what is going on around here.  Poor dears.  I’ll be glad to have everyone settled.  It’s good to know, we’re closing in on it.  Won’t be long now!  Not so many boxes left to pack, and not so many loose ends to tie up.  Just gotta keep plugging on– it’ll be here  before we know it.

Well, that’s my moment.  gotta scoot.  Happy Wednesday, everybody.  I’ll check back in soon!