I had to really sit and think about what day of the week it is today.  (Friday, by the way.)  Every day feels like Saturday to me lately.  And not that kind where you are hanging out by the pool, or catching a movie with friends.  Not the kind of Saturday you had when you were 20.  Nope, it’s WORKDAY Saturday.  Saturday for people in their 30s.  Mowing grass.  Cleaning out the Garage.  Driving to 10 a.m. birthday parties at Jump City.  You know what I’m talking about.  We’ve been busting out some serious work on the house, and it’s entering the final stages, thankfully.  I promise I’m going to share pictures, but I want to finish it up proper first.  Gotta get the full impact, ya know.

Yesterday, we stained the concrete floors of the bedrooms– wowza.  What a job!  They still need the glossy sealant, but they are going to look awesome. As for  the walls, all but two rooms are painted.  The colors have all come out so pretty and fresh and relaxing!  I really love it.  We’ve still got to finish the sealers on a couple other floors, and King Pen is assisting the carpenter with a partition wall on Saturday.  So, still a few jobs to go, but it’s wrapping up.

After a week of work myself, I am home with the kids to do some packing and give my poor hands a break.  If I’m not careful, I”m going to end up with a permanent painter’s claw!  We’ll go back for one last weekend of work next Thursday or Friday, and that’s it!  We are set to pick up the moving truck on the 27th, two weeks from today.  Yikes!  And, yippee! 🙂

Anyway, that’s my little update.  I’m going to have my afternoon cuppa, and maybe pack a box or two.  Catch ya later!