Home, sweet home!

Well, one of them, anyway.  We are living between two worlds right now.  Our new house is about two hours north of where we live right now.  So, I take the kids up for about four days of the week and we stay with my inlaws.  My mother-in-law watches the little kids while I work on the house (which is right down the street from her house.)  We’ve had lots of help with a multitude of things.  Obviously, my mother-in-law watching the kids has been an incredible help.  I don’t know how we could have kept up with them and gotten everything done we needed to do!  Not everybody can (or WOULD) take on the task of dealing with five kids and all that includes– bathing, eating, washing, etc– but she’s done it and I’m so appreciative.  Also to be grateful for is my aunt Janet, who is a school teacher and out on summer vacation.  She has so generously shared her time with me, working super hard.  I mean, I OWE HER.  It’s so much nicer to have a partner on these projects!  And King Pen has worked every single weekend, bless his heart.  Not to mention my sister-in-law, nieces, nephews, sister, and mom– everybody has picked up a paint brush or a broom at some point.  Or, they’ve entertained my kids.  Or fed us.  Or mowed the lawn.  Or something.  What a great support system we have!  So grateful for them all.

The new house is coming along.  I can’t wait to show you pictures!  So far, we have painted the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and three bedrooms.  And a few floors!  We’ve also sanded the hardwood floor and concrete floors and now we have to stain and finish them.  We have one wall to construct, and some cabinets to take down.  Other odds and ends jobs, but I’d basically say we are halfway through this whole project.

In our old house, I’m about a fourth of the way through packing.  It’s tough, because I come back from the new house and I’m pooped.  I got NOTHING.  So, I collapse on the couch and let netflix take over.  I am embarrassed to even tell you what drivel I have been vegging out to.  MIND.LESS.  Oh well!  It’s a survival instinct.  My brain has needed cruise control.  And Vampire Diaries delivers.

So, gotta pick up the packing a bit.  Start thinking about loose ends and relocating an entire household.  Start wrapping things up, saying goodbyes.  Tonight, we have the first of the lasts.  Does that make sense?  Our last pokeno night with the girls.  And tomorrow, we have a going-away dinner with our neighbors.  And Sunday is our last official day at church.

I’m excited, and sad, and overwhelmed, and happy, and nervous, and everything in between.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello.  I miss you guys!  Really, I do.  I miss life outside the Lowe’s paint aisle.  I miss phone calls and hanging out at the pool and knowing what’s going on in YOUR life.  🙂  But, those days will come again.  They’re just around the corner.

I’ll meet ya there, k?

Have a good weekend, everybody.