Do you see it?

Maybe not.  Maybe you just see a house.  But let me tell you what’s really there…

Love.  Hard work.  History.  Generosity.  Family.

See, this was Mamaw and Papaw’s house.  Those bricks and shingles can be measured by bushels of cotton and soybeans and corn.  Papaw was a farmer, and he lived and worked on this land.  At noon, he would come in from the heat of the sun and eat the food he had grown with his wife and daughter.  They lived simply, worked hard, and God blessed them.

When Papaw died four years ago, he left this house to my husband, and the land around it.  It changed our lives- physically, but spiritually as well.  Here was a beautiful picture of God’s grace– a gift we didn’t deserve, didn’t earn, and couldn’t express our gratitude for enough.  Papaw provided something for us we couldn’t ourselves, and we have no way to repay that great debt.

We’ll never stop appreciating what he did for us.

One of the amazing things about being the recipients of such kindness, is that it gives you a taste for it.  YOU want to bring that kind of joy into others lives.  You want to leave something that matters, that blesses someone else.  Our only real way to thank Papaw, is by being like him when we can.  That’s our prayer now, that God will use us in others lives the way Papaw has been used in ours.

So, as we walk his halls, planning and dreaming of the life we will lead– we will not forget who laid the bricks.  Who planted the seeds.  As we paint over old colors and modernize bits and pieces of things– we will not forget.  We will not forget the smell of cotton, or crisp Sunday morning cowboy hats, or Mamaw’s rice and gravy.

We thank Mamaw and Papaw, and we thank God.