Okay, I PROMISE I haven’t been stringing you guys along on purpose. I can FINALLY say out loud what most of you already know anyway—

I have paint under my fingernails.


It’s true.  They’re filthy.  That’s my big secret.

WHY I have paint under my fingernails is more interesting though.  I’ve been making beautiful spaces! 🙂  King Pen has given his resignation at his office, and is set to go into business for himself in his home town.  We’re moving to the Brimberry, and we’re never leaving again, God willing.

We’re packing, painting, and praying.

It’s so wonderful.  Really, honestly, it’s the best feeling ever.  Eleven years of working towards this goal, and we’re here.  We made it!  Along with pursuing King Pen’s career dream, we’re also reveling in the joy of home ownership.  Fifteen years of living in rental properties, and here I am, feathering my own little nest.  I am OVER. THE. MOON.  I knew it would be great, but oh, man.  It’s GREAT.

We’ve been really busy, back and forth between the new house and the old house- saying goodbyes and hellos and all that.  I’ve been dying to blog about it for weeks now, but couldn’t say anything publicly until King Pen’s boss knew.  That’s done, so now I can share!  I am excited to show you before and after pictures- once I actually get to the “after” part.  🙂  We’ve got a few more weeks to get it all together, but we’re working as quickly as possible.  Looks like mid-July, we’ll be ready to put our roots down for good.  So, that’s where I’ve been- that’s why I have been so off the radar lately.  If I have missed your calls or texts or you’re wondering where in the heck I’ve gone lately– that’s where.  I’m neck deep in primer and sandpaper.  Sorry.  A little while longer though, and I’ll be back in the world again.

Okay, there ya have it.  Big-O News-O.  Didn’t intend to keep anyone in suspense!  I know some of you may be disappointed because you were certain my secret was that I am part of  an elite, undercover espionage team.  I hope you aren’t let down by this very normal, perfectly believable (cover) story of home renovation, moving, and changing jobs.  Though you might think I’ve simply fabricated this whole thing in order to protect my alias, you should choose to ignore your instincts.  Don’t listen to that gut feeling that is telling you that I am more than I appear.  It’s simply not true.  Very unlikely.  Even if everything points in that direction.

Alrightie, I”m outta here.  My hands are sleepy.

Have a good night, everybody!  More later on all this very true, non-government spy related stuff.