Okay, so it’s true.  I’ve been avoiding my blog.  I know it, and you know it, and ain’t nobody happy about it.

But, I have a very good reason for it, I promise.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to share that reason, and I still can’t for another week.  So, bear with me– know that I AM coming back.  I really, TRULY haven’t abandoned blogging.  I’m not in the witness protection program.  I haven’t fled the country.  I’m not pregnant.  I’m not being held hostage.  I haven’t been abducted by aliens. I haven’t joined an elite team of espionage experts that defends our country against evil in all forms.  (Seriously.  I’m not doing that.  That’s ridiculous.  Ludicrous.   Highly improbable.  Probably, most likely, not true.)

Anyway… moving on from that very unlikely scenario–

The truth is, I DO have an ordinary kind of secret, but it’s a big one, and I can’t blog around it.  I’m not that good.  I’m too transparent, or big mouthed, or whatever.  Do not trust me with your secrets, I can hardly keep my own!  (Just kidding.  You can tell me your secrets.  Please do.  I’m dying to know them.  I promise I won’t tell anybody important.  Especially my nonexistent elite team of espionage experts!  They will never know, I swear it.)

So, all that to say, (and boy did I take my sweet, wordy time) I’ll be back next week.  As a matter of fact, I’ll be blogging so much that we’ll ALL be begging me to stop.  Ha.

Have a happy weekend, everybody.  Luurv you!


*this post brought to you in part by “Coffee:  When You Accidentally Drink Three Cups in Twenty Minutes.”