Oh, blog, sweet blog.  You are ever faithful and sure.  Always here, waiting, no matter how infrequent my visits!  What a friend you are.

I realized that I HAD to sit down and blog when I was struggling to construct the perfect status update at Facebook that summed up three weeks of activities.  It was impossible.  So here I am, ready to give you a run down of how amazing the weeks have been.

First off, King Pen passed his test.  HE PASSED.  The goal we set eleven years ago has been accomplished, and he is now a licensed landscape architect.  I am so proud of him, so relieved– so SHOCKED.  We spent the first couple days walking around in a daze, just processing the fact that is was over.  Eventually, the shock gave way to sheer happiness.  🙂  How blessed we are to have been allowed to reach this goal.  It’s a great feeling.

Another point of happiness in the last few weeks was the Warrior Dash with my brother and sisters, and my brother-in-law, Eric.  (In case you can’t identify us through the mud, this picture goes:  Brittany, Ashley, Eric, Trey, and moi)

It was SO worth those extra runs on Saturdays and pull-ups on the chin bar.  I felt great.  The obstacles were fun and challenging, but not too daunting.  The mud was RIDICULOUS.  I’ve never been so filthy and sloppy and globby in my life.  I was running on adrenalin, pumped up with all the excitement of the crowd, and the giddiness of doing it with my siblings.  I think we all felt it, how this was more than just a fun thing to do– it was a celebration for us.   We’ve had our share of twists and turns as a family, some tough years.  This marks the beginning of a whole new era.  I felt so light and happy, looking at all these little sisters and brother of mine, and knowing, they’re all gonna be fine.  We can just enjoy each other, revel in the unique, special, quirky individuals that God placed in our lives.  We’re complete now.  It’s not just me and my sisters, holding on, hoping and praying that my brother will get it all figured out.  It’s all of us now, the way it should be, assembled by a knowing and loving God.  It feels right, and lovely, and it made this experience all the more amazing.  I will never, ever forget it, or how I felt– mud and all.

Besides doing these things, we’ve had a lot on our plates in general.  King Pen is working a LOT these days since they are short at the office.  I’ve been refinishing furniture like a mad man.  I’m a little bit obsessed, probably.  But, things are looking sharp around here, I tell ya!  The kids have been taking standardized tests all week, some of them have had a stomach virus, and I’ve been busy as a bee with lots of other projects and tasks that keep me from blogging or writing or talking or cooking.  🙂  That doesn’t seem likely to change over the next few months, but that’s okay.  You guys know I’ve not really gone anywhere, I’m just taking care of business in the real world.  I’ll try to update more often, and not rely on FACEBOOK (dang you) to keep in touch.  I still have loads of pictures to go through from Easter and a fun 50’s birthday party we had for my aunt, so those will be next on the list.  If I can just stop painting dressers for ten minutes.  Heh.

Have a good weekend, everybody.  I lervs ya.