Yesterday’s post may have seemed a little bleak.  Was it?  I didn’t intend that.  It’s actually a topic that makes me happy– the fact that we don’t have to be so burdened by our mistakes and shortcomings.  It doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of them, that we shouldn’t be repentant, and work on them.  But we shouldn’t be in bondage to them.  It shouldn’t be the first and last thing on our minds every day.  When I find myself doing that, I realize that I am relying on my own merit and work to be a good Christian, and I become miserable.  Because my merit and work are NEVER going to be enough!!  It’s always to liberating and wonderful to realize what I’m doing, and let it go and look back to God’s merit, and His work.  HE is sufficient and blameless and perfect, and He covers me.  Covers my weakness, my humanity.  When God looks at me, He doesn’t see this accumulation of mistakes and failures and brokenness.  Those things are there, but what He sees is His Son.  Everything else is blanketed in Jesus’ perfect sacrifice.


I mean, really.  Can you believe that?  Can you believe He did that?  No other god, no other religion, has such LOVE for its people.

That’s not bleak.

That is cause for celebration! Rejoicing!  I am filled with awe, and all else shrinks away.

Anyway, just wanted to wrap that thought up properly from yesterday.  Must get on to the day!  The rain drip drops outside, children still run around in pjs, and my heart is happy and light.   Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!