Hello, jello.  Have you been wondering where I made off to?  February has kept me on my toes.   I’m busy in my day, busy in school, busy in family, busy in my head.  We’ve had sickness, traveling, schooling, birthdaying, cleaning, and I decided to reread the Twilight series.

Yeah.  Twilight. 

Don’t hassle me.

So, it’s been quiet here, but it’s a party in real life!  We are amped up lately.  There is always something to do, something to think about, something going on.  I wish it translated onto my blog- I think it used to, but it just doesn’t anymore.  I actually think I still have this misconception that I am writing and sharing way more than I really am.  The other day, my sister and I were having a discussion about homeschooling, and she asked WHY I homeschool, exactly.  She said I had never really written about that on my blog.  And I was like, wha???  Surely I have?   Have I gotten so busy that I’ve stopped sharing the important things?  

Hm.  I gotta give that some thought. 

I think my blog is free floating right now.  Every so often, it loses purpose or momentum and I’m not sure what to do with it.  I finally conclude that, well, I must be done blogging.  I must have finally reached Blog Actualization, and the experiment has concluded.  I bid everyone a tearful and dramatic goodbye, and then….

come running back the very next week.

Happens every single time.  It’s kind of embarrassing. 

So, I know better now.  I know the Sift isn’t shutting its doors.  I just have to ride out the occasional weird identity crisis, until it all settles out again, and I’m back to writing like normal. 

The poor blog, though- so far down the food chain.  Facebook, Pinterest– big predators just waiting to gobble up my little old blog.  Well, you can’t have it, you big meanies. 

But tonight, I don’t have much else. I just wanted to feel my fingers flex across the keys, and make a peep in the silence to say I’m still here.  Hope you are, too.

My eys are heavy now, and I feel like one big yawn.  I’m off to bed, and you should be, too, heh?

Sweet dreams, butterbeans.  See you in tomorrow.