I knew my blog would probably take a hit as I got into my writing project, but it’s kinda sad over here, isn’t it?  So quiet.  I suppose there is only so much creative juice to go around.

I have been taking measures to fuel that creative machine though, by reading a bit.  I’m nearly finished reading Red Harvest, by Dashiell Hammett.  Not my usual kind of novel, it’s crime noir, but I have really enjoyed it.   You’ll be reading a scene and then out of nowhere, he delivers a line like an upper cut to your brain.  It’s awesome.  The plot isn’t bad, the characters are interesting, but it’s those one-liners that keep me turning pages.  Like,

“So you’re still alive,” she said. “I suppose nothing can be done about it.”

Love it.

In other news, well, there isn’t much.  Things are pretty normal around here.  Feel like we’re in a bit of holding pattern, waiting on things.  Waiting on warm weather.  Waiting on results from King Pen’s licensing exam.  Waiting on the homeschool co-op to start back up.  Waiting on income tax forms to come in. 

It’s making for a long January.

But, whenever I start to get impatient, I just remind myself that we’re right on the cusp of all these things coming together.  All the long days are behind us, and we’re oh-so-close to many things coming to fruition.  It’s exciting to consider how different things may be this time next year.

And the long days have given us an excuse to indulge in a few pleasures– like watching Lord of the Rings with the oldest kids for the first time.  It has been very gratifying to hear their exclamations of delight or horror or amusement– they really love it.  It’s fun to share the experience with them, and pass that torch along. (Handing down nerdlore is an important tradition in my family.  Just ask my dad.) We haven’t watched the last one yet, I guess I’m holding off to stretch it out a bit more.  It definitely makes me look forward to the coming years, when our interests will overlap more and more.  I can definitely see the joy on the horizon to be found in having adult children.  Strange that I can now envision that more easily.

Well, I can’t pretend I don’t have a day’s worth of stuff to do.  I can’t pretend I’m not still in my pajamas, or that we’re an hour late starting school, or that I’m considering another cup of coffee before tackling it all.  🙂 Just wanted to pop in and say I haven’t forgotten this place.  Bear with me as I balance writing here and there and everwhere.  Love you guys!

Everybody have a happy Thursday!