A- amazed at Ashley, running a half marathon in the HILL country of Vicksburg, and placing first in her age division.  She is smokin’.

B- wondering about Brittany, my gypsy of a sister who is in India for a walkabout.

C- baby Cal, not a baby anymore.  He turned two a week ago, and I still can’t get over it.

D- Downton Abbey is back, ya’ll.  Don’t Dare Distract Momma from 8-9 p.m. on Sundays.

E-  For me, this is the year of no more Excuses.

F- Frittata that King Pen has perfected in the cast-iron skillet for Sunday night dinners.  A man who cooks? Fantastic.

G- Gossiping.  I’m done with it.  I’m going on a Gossip-Free Diet.  It’s little and ugly and makes me feel gross, and I don’t want to do it anymore.

H- Happy.  I’m Happy, and I know it, and I clap my Hands.

I- nothing.  I got nothing on this one.

J- January- I don’t hate it this year!  It’s actually been mild and fairly dry.  Nice. (Hope I don’t Jinx it because of that one!)

K- Kindle, kindle, how I love thee.  I find that I am reading a much wider variety of books because of you.

L- L‘s, L‘s, L‘s- we are working so hard with Solon on his L’s, day in and day out.

M-  Menu planning.  It’s not the most glamorous Moment of my week, but I LOVE having it all figured out and I’m saving Money!

N- my sweet friend and Neighbor, Audrey, whom God brought back into my life, is moving in a few weeks.  I will be sad to see her go, but grateful that I had her while I did.

O- One hundred push-ups in 6 weeks?  Maybe.  We’ll see.

P– Pictures, millions of them, taking them, editing them, sharing them- so sweet and sad to see.

Q- Q?  Really? Quit hassling me, Alphabet.

R- Ron Paul.  The man with two first names, and my whole heart.

S- there is always Someone to hug, Someone to fuss at, Someone to feed, Someone to teach, Someone one to buckle or tie or wipe– there is always Someone beside me who needs me, and that is the Sweetest blessing I know.

T- “Tomorrow is NOW!” best Biggest Loser quote ever.  Stop saying tomorrow,  say now.

U- my Uncle in Ukraine!  He is settling back in for a two year stint.  Thank goodness for Skype.

V- Very Relevant Verse- “The wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God.”  Ouch.  Take that, parenting skills.

W- Writing, daily, is a Wondrous and scary thing.

X- taX time!  Come on W2s!

Y- turkeY.  We are all about Jennie-O around here.  (Don’t tell my family, they still think they’re getting actual HAMburgers.)

Z- Ziploc steam bags.  ‘Nuff said.

(HT to Haley, for the ABC idea.)