It’s early(ish) and raining and I need a refill of coffee.  I’m all caught up on my Words With Friends games (or Words For Friends, as my Mom says) and now I’m ready for some real words, the pointless kind, with you.  (Oh, don’t you love all my double meanings!  🙂  )

There are many things to do today, and they are all crowding into my mind a little faster than I am ready for.  Is today like that for you, too?  Trying to finish up preparations, wrapping, packing, cleaning, baking, all so that you can enjoy Christmas weekend?  I don’t want to be running ragged right up till Christmas morning, so today is my last big push.

Christmas falling on a Sunday this year has me a little nervous, to be honest.  You?  It’s hard enough to get all seven of us to church on time on a normal Sunday– throw in a whole Christmas morning on top of that, and I am sweating it a bit.  I think everybody is! 

Still, I am looking forward to it.  I love Christmas.  I love this family moment.  I love sharing this celebration with Christians all over the world.  It’s worth all the effort!

Well, I’m off to get started on things.  I may pop back on later, though.  I’m feeling chatty today– and I’ll need a break from my humongous To Do List!  Happy Thursday, everybody.  Hope your day is productive and safe!

(and, if you are a WwF player, let’s go!  It’s your turn.)