A line of her blog post stuck with me.

“Most of what I did today has been undone already.”

For days, those words have rolled around in my mind.  I get it.  Oh, do I get it.  Those words are so true, they stuck like glue.  I just couldn’t get away from that phrase.

Usually, that means there is a Part Two.  There is a Point.  There is Something Else I’m Supposed to Get.

And I got it this morning.

Yes.  It’s all been undone.  But what, exactly?  What things are undone again?

The dishes.

The laundry.

The wiped countertops.

The Christmas tree needing water- the litterbox needing cleaning- the floor needing vacuuming- beds needing making- the legos to be picked up YET AGAIN-

et cetera.

Those things have come undone,  literally, and have to be done all over again today.

But, not everything, says a little Voice.

Some things were done yesterday, which do not undo themselves when the sun comes up today.  Hugs that were given cannot be ungiven.  Meaningful conversation, and looking into your child’s eyes when he talks to you– it stays.  A prayer said yesterday is not unsaid today.  The approval and pride you took a moment to share with your child, it sticks.  The connection you made with your spouse, the spark, the glance, the gesture- none of those are unraveled today.  There are things which you did, that are utterly fastened and permanent, and carry right into today.

The important things.

I needed that reminder.  My work matters, just not the obvious work.  Laundry?  Who cares?!  Does anybody really suffer if they can’t wear their favorite pair of jeans for a few days?  No.  But do they suffer if I don’t tell them, and SHOW them, I love them?  Yes.  I can’t be so distracted by these jobs that are neverending, these chores that keep getting themselves undone over and over– that I miss the truly important tasks, those that are permanent.  Those that are not bound by days, but measured by eternity.

Instead of looking at, and being frustrated by, those things that are undone at the end of the day, I am going to strive to look at what is done.  What is fixed?  What lasts?  Have I hugged and kissed and prayed and loved and forgiven and repented?  Because no matter what the answer, if I have or if I haven’t, there are some things I may never have a chance to do again tomorrow.  There are tasks that come once, moments that are presented a single time in this life.  What I do, or don’t do, is it.

Laundry will always be here.  Done and undone a million times.  It’s a thing of earth.

But hearts and souls belong to eternity, only here for a little while.  And what’s done with them, lasts beyond today’s sunrise and sunset.  For better or worse.

Every day matters.  Every day, the most important things won’t be undone.

That being said- I’m off.  Earthly and eternal, there are plenty of tasks for the day.  Hope you all have a happy Wednesday, a day when you see what is Done, and everything else just makes you smile and shrug. 🙂