Czarina burrowed down into her covers tonight at bedtime, and longingly pleaded for me to lay down with her for a few minutes.

Those moments won’t last forever, you know.  There are only so many times left in these childhood days that she will ask me to climb into bed and cozy up.  We tick the days off, like the advent calendar, faster and faster as we close in on her being all grown up.  I must make the most of them all, because I never know when the last one will come.

So I pushed aside the mob of stuffed animals, and scooched in.

We lay in the dark, talking about Christmas presents, and funny memories, and how she desperately needs a twin sister to snuggle with.  A little late on that one, I told her.  No can do.

She giggled, and said, “Well, I’ll just have to get an early husband.  I’m not going to make it very long without somebody to snuggle with.”

I smiled.

“They are good for that,” I replied.