I woke up this morning with a prayer for my brother.  I know many people did, as they drank their coffee and put on makeup or shaved and got ready for their day.  We prayed as we ate cereal, prayed as we began a very normal Tuesday, that he would feel the comfort and presence of God as he walked into the courtroom.

But, the unexpected.  My phone rang, and I was surprised to see “Trey” flash on caller ID.  Maybe he’s calling to say goodbye, I thought.

“Postponed!  They postponed it for a month!”

I could hear the smile in his voice.

“I can’t explain it, the lawyer didn’t know why- but I do.  I could just feel the prayers, WonderGirl.  For whatever reason, God has given me one more month.  People were praying, I felt it, and God answered!”

What a morning!  I was as excited to hear this news as I was to hear the belief in his voice.

It doesn’t mean it ends here.  Maybe in a month, he goes in and everything happens exactly as he’s been preparing for.  And that’s okay.  God has a plan, it’s perfect and good and we can rest in it.  But today, today God’s plan means more time with family.  It means another holiday with Trey’s son.  It means Trey doesn’t spend his 28th birthday behind bars.

It means Tuesday is as wonderfully normal for him as it is for me, and for you.

Just wanted to share that good news.

God hears prayers.  He always answers them- in whatever ways please Him– and sometimes, we can feel the press of those prayers around us.  What a blessing to feel that sweet weight against us, bearing us up.  Thank you for praying for my family, dear friends.  We felt them today.

Have a wonderfully normal Tuesday, everybody.  I know we will.