Sorry if my last post left anybody worried about me and my bad news.  At the time, I wasn’t at liberty to share the details, but I can now.

You guys know that the last year has been a good one for my brother.  He’s been sober since last October.  (Yay!  Such a little word for such a big happiness!) He’s been going to AA and church in this last year, and has had a lot of personal growth.  He’s honestly in a place I’ve never seen him before.  It’s wonderful to me, to my family.  We’re excited for him.

Sadly, though, we knew that there were still going to be consequences for his actions before he got sober.  There were legal ramifications that hadn’t gone away, but it took this whole year for them to finally become a reality.  His lawyer called last week with the news that Trey is going to have to do some time.  At first, he was saying 3-5 years, and that was the bad news I was writing about.  Mercifully, the next day, the  prosecutor accepted a deal of a year and a day.  This makes him eligible for an earlier release, so it’s possible now that he’ll only spend six months incarcerated. That is our prayer.

Through all this, I am amazed at how God has preserved Trey, provided for him.  He gave him a year to focus on getting better, on pulling his life together, on building a relationship with God.  A year to reconnect, to rehabilitate, to begin a journey that would give him the strength to face this trial.  A year of faith.

I’m not only amazed at what God is doing, but at the change in Trey, also.  (Although, God did that, too!)  For those of you who know what it’s like to have someone in the throes of addiction, then you will know what I mean when I tell you that who he is now just blows me away.  The things he is saying, the way he is facing this moment, it is a dream come true.  A wish granted.  A prayer answered.  He has turned from sin, and addiction, and has given himself over to God.  I knew it, I’ve been sensing it these last months— but to actually see him standing on that faith is such a blessing to me.

So, yes, I am sad and scared for him, but I am praising God.  My tears are all mixed up.

This thing I know, that he’s going to be okay.  It goes so far beyond his physical well-being, beyond a temporary loss of liberty… I mean, he’s going to be okay.  No matter what, I know Who holds him.  I know Who Trey relies on.  Trey has come home, no matter where he is.


So, that’s it.  He leaves tomorrow.  Though he is uncertain of much, he is fully and wholly certain that he doesn’t go alone.  Be praying for him, and for my family, that we continue to trust God completely.  Pray also that God protects him, leads him to those who need Christ, and to fellow believers who can share encouragement with him.

He’ll be sending me blogs to post regularly for him, so be looking for those.  I am eager to see what God has planned.

Thanks for the concern and love that you guys never fail to show!  I am so lucky to have each and every one of you.