Well, shame on me for having a cup of coffee at 9 p.m.  This is totally what happens.  Everybody else is all snug as a bug, snoozing away, while I window shop for a pair of boots on Amazon for about three hours.  Ha!  There are some smoking boots out there, by the way.  You always know Fall is in the air when the high-heeled, black boots come out.  Forget the leaves changing colors, has Ashley gotten her sassy boots out yet?  That’s when I know Fall is here to stay.

So, the coffee.  I don’t normally drink it that late, but I cannot resist when it’s accompanied by cake.  And cards.  And prizes.

Czarina and I went to our first Pokeno game tonight.  My friend, Emily, (who I would SO link to if she had a BLOG) put together a group, and while the ladies play, there is a kids’ table going, too.  It’s kind of like bingo, with playing cards.  It was fun! I won a pretty Fall wreath and $800.  But that was nothing compared to Czarina– she took home 2 G’s.

Okay, maybe not.  It wasn’t Vegas.  We’re not hitting the tables.  (Though Czarina did say, “Baby needs a new pair of shoes.”  I don’t know where she picked that one up.)  I did win the wreath, though.  I walked straight to the front door and hung it up when I got home.  It replaced three very sad, slightly nibbled upon, stalks of Indian corn.  (I don’t know who did the nibbling.  A desperate bird?  One of my children?  A weird neighbor?)

Anyway.  I’m getting totally off track here.

So, now I’m a little bit wired up, and not a soul awake to keep me company.  I’m hoping that maybe if I babble a bit on my blog, (spontaneous alliteration, another symptom of over-caffeination!!), then maybe I will wind down some.


It’s not working.


But, since I can’t seem to arrive at any particular point for this post, (see, alliteration again!! Is it just me, or do you do that, too?) I guess I’ll end here.

Hope you all had a nice Saturday, you people sleeping already.  (What, bitter?  Not me!)

Sleep tight.  If you get up before me… go ahead and put on the coffee, mkay?