Good morning, crew! This is going to be a quick one.  Lots on the agenda today, but I wanted to pop in and say hi before I get to all that.

So, finally, we are just days away from a long awaited trip to the beach.  We wait until after the official summer season closes (another perk of homeschooling, flexible schedule!) and we head to Destin.  My family has rented a condo, so it will be wall to wall cousins and sisters and brothers and all that.  I can’t wait!  We’ve never had all of us under the same roof for a trip like this, so it should be quite an event.  I’m starting to get ready for it, which, as you know, means me making all kinds of lists.  Menu lists, shopping list, packing lists, lists of lists.

Good stuff.

Also, getting ready for some birthdays!  Czarina will be 11 in a week… yikes.  We are having her party on the beach.  My birthday is this Sunday.  I will save more thoughts on that for a later post!  I will be 36.  There are things to discuss when you turn 36.

Gearing up for homeschool co-op to start as well.  This is our first year to participate, and I’m just as excited and nervous as the kids are.  This is a parent-led co-op, so each parent has to teach a class.  I’m doing a unit study on Lewis and Clark for 6-8 year olds.   I hope to make it interesting, and fun with lots of crafts and activities.  As for the kids, Czarina is taking choir, Bible skills, and art.  HeroBoy is taking P.E., Beginning Leatherworking, and a class on Jonathon Parks.  The Duke and Chipmunk are taking a mixture of early learning classes, and Mister will be chilling in the nursery.  It’s ten weeks long, on Mondays.  We have orientation tonight, which means I will miss zumba.


I kid you not, I moped for many days and nights when I realized I was missing zumba.

But I pulled myself together, and came to terms with it. (kind of)

Anyway, I’m looking at the clock now, and at the bottom of my coffee cup, and seeing how quickly my spare moments have gone.  I must be off!  This post was all over the place, but that’s how small talk goes.  Sometimes I just want to chat, tell you what’s going on in life.

But now, I gotta get.  Because I have this to do:

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.