A writer must know what he wants to say.

Sometimes, that’s harder than it sounds.  I’ve been reading about being a better writer, and this is one of the first questions a writer has to answer.  What do you want to say?

I sat and thought about that.  And these are the things that went through my mind.  No vagueness.  No moral of the story, no tone or mood to set with pretty words.  No subtlety to the craft today.  Today,  I am going to be literal, and tell you exactly why I write, what messages I attempt to share.  You can tell me if I completely miss the objective after you read this.


…It’s hard right now, but you’re going to be okay. Today may hurt.  It may confuse, overwhelm.  But you will find a tomorrow that is happier, wiser.  It will happen.

…You can forgive, you can.  It’s in you.  And once you do, you are free from a weight you don’t even know that you’re carrying around.  Forgiveness can be the beginning of beautiful things.

…Wealth, security, comfort– these are earthly pleasures that aren’t the same thing as happiness.  You can have all those things and be happy, but you can have none of them and be just as happy. Don’t let the pursuit of those things steal your time here.  It’s just not worth it, because it all, ALL, stays.

…Happiness comes from putting other people first.  Put their needs above yours, and you will know the peace that passes understanding.  Do it, and it gets easier.  You will never make your own self happy- instead, seek the happiness of others.  See what happens.

…Nobody is perfect.  Nobody.  Even the person you most admire and respect- that person you idolize and compare yourself to– they have bad days.  They fail miserably.  They are selfish and sinful and insecure, too.  They are imperfect, flawed, in need of a Savior just like you are.

And now I’ve come to the heart of it.  This is what I want to say.

…The reason I write, the story I want my life to tell– is that following Christ will change everything.  It will answer that seeking, restless heart of yours.  He is It.

In this world, where people are lined up hawking their wares as the “answer”–there is only one genuine article.  It’s not knowing yourself better, it’s not traveling, or exposing yourself to different cultures or lifestyles… it’s not expressing yourself, finding your soulmate, having a baby, it’s not in making a mark in this world– none of those things will answer the void.

Just look at it.

Look at the unhappiness of the world.

It’s broken.

It has nothing permanent, nothing eternal, nothing soul satisfying to offer.  All you will find in it are empty promises, that never deliver.  Broken hearts, shattered lives, these are the fruits of the world.  Even when you try to fill the hole with good things, with family, with noble acts, with charity– you will not be eased.

But, oh, the joy and contentment and Realness to be found in Jesus.  He makes love true.  He makes life meaningful.  He slakes your thirst, heals your wounds, gives purpose to your steps.  He’s done it for me.  And He’ll do it for you.

If my writing says anything, if my life says anything, I want it to be that.