Good morning, great, wide world!  Nice weekend?  Mine was just fine.  A lovely, normal, low-key weekend.  Got a few things accomplished, read a book, saw Harry Potter, and we even got a little much-needed rain yesterday.  The kids played, while the earth (and the Chipmunk) drank.

So, last week was a little crazy.  It was stressful, to be honest.  I wasn’t at my best.  Impatient.  Discouraged.  Resentful.  Overwhelmed.

But this is a new week.  And I want it to be different.  I want it to be a happy one.  Maybe all my problems aren’t solved this week, but I don’t want to be defeated or defined by them.  Last week, I pouted and moped and made everybody pretty miserable.  This week, the opposite is my goal.  To be joyful, to be thankful.  That doesn’t just happen on it’s own– and man, I know this, I know it, I know it, I know it— but still I don’t surrender to it–

I have to read my Bible.  I have to pray.  I have to give over to Him.

and when I don’t– it’s obvious.  I can’t do this without Him.  Why do I ever try? Why is it so, so hard sometimes to just do this simple thing?  Sin is awful, and I hate it.  It wears me out, living in this world.  Do you ever feel that way?  Oh, how wonderful it will be one day, when there is no struggle, no weakness, no failings.

Being a Christian sometimes makes you homesick, doesn’t it?

So this week, I know what I need to do.  Read, and pray.  Read His word, that life-giving, nurturing rain in this desert life.  And talk to Him- the One who cares and knows and waits for me.  I know it, and I knew it last week, too, but I was stubborn and sinful, and look at what good that did me.  An awful week that I don’t want to repeat.

Lucky for me, He makes all things new– even the day.  This is a new week, unwritten, and I will strive to do better in it.  I will be glad and rejoice in it.

Happy Monday, everybody.