Ya know, I think after that humungo post about work, I need to clarify a really crucial point.  Working hard doesn’t mean a person shouldn’t have dreams and personal goals.  Being diligent in the home doesn’t nullify who I am on the inside.  It shouldn’t be “one or the other.”  If you bring it down to that level, where you absolutely crucify every outside interest, and you become nothing but a domestic  automaton, it’s only a matter of time till Burn Out.  In a big way.  It’s not healthy.  You’ll become resentful and bitter, and the polar opposite of what God intends cheerful, obedient work to look like.

It’s not even safe.  You risk putting yourself in an incredibly vulnerable position.  Discontent, unsatisfied, you may be weakened to believe that the grass IS greener on the other side.  How many women have believed that lie, and regretted it for the rest of their lives? It happens.  It happens to normal, Christian women just like you and me.  That’s why it’s so important to guard ourselves in this area, and not to sacrifice a vital and necessary part of who we are.  We need that part of us to be happy, and we need to be happy to serve others the way He wants us to.

God isn’t asking you to martyr yourself on the altar of the home.  He still wants you to be who He created you to be!  He made you specifically with your unique talents and enjoyments- He gave you drive and dreams and ambitions that are all your own.  He made you like Him in that way.  To create, to do, to accomplish.  You aren’t supposed to melt into the laundry.  The laundry isn’t who you are.  It’s what you do.  There’s more to you, and that’s not wrong.  Ya hear?  It’s not wrong to want to do more.

So, if it’s not wrong, and it’s actually important that you have dreams and goals, then HOW do you do it?  How to find yourself in your busy life?  How to make some dreams come true?  I could go on and on with this post, but I’m gonna hand it over to the  Happiest Mom now, because she’s got a great post on how to make that happen.

I’m right there with you, reading along, and making sure that I don’t give up on my dreams, either.  Hope it encourages you the way it did me.