Stop, Time.  You’re getting away from yourself.  You’re moving too quickly from this moment, from this picture, from these rosebud lips and that sweet baby breath…

But Time won’t listen, it just keeps marching on.  Six years now, and this baby has grown into a little boy.  And whatta boy.  The Duke has such a unique voice- such a special way of being himself.  He sees the world differently, arranging ideas and thoughts in unorthodox, unexpected ways.  We never know what he might say, but we are always amused and delighted by the way his mind thinks.  For six years, he has blessed us with his presence in our lives.  I love who he is,  I love the front row seat I have to who he will become… I just love this kid.  He is exactly, wonderfully himself, and it is a gift to be his mother.

Happy birthday to the Duke.   Don’t change a hair for me, darlin’, not if you care for me.