Well, apparently, I should have read the fine print on Project Ship Shape. It seems that the project has no end! I keep coming across more and more things to work on! The hardest tasks are behind me, that’s true- the laundry room, my closet, and the paperwork. Done, done, and done. But there are many smaller areas that need attention, too! Yikes! I know you don’t want a run down of every little bitty thing I clean every day, though. So, I guess we’ll consider this the conclusion of PSS. But it’s not really- because this is a lifestyle change. I didn’t really think of that when I started– I just wanted to get a few target areas taken care of. But it has to be more than that. I want more than that. I’ll keep on with the small jobs until there aren’t any to do, and from that point on, I’m going to focus on maintaining the order. I may pop in occasionally with some thoughts on the process, but I suppose this project is now officially concluded!

It was a good, hard week of work, and I’m glad to have shared it with you. I needed the accountability, and the encouragement, and I appreciated both with you guys! Thank you.  I hope that I didn’t damage your opinion of me too much with those regrettable closets.  We can still be friends, right?

Well, with that all settled, (assuming our friendship survived the trauma!), we will now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.  🙂