Good morning, sunshines!  How is everybody today?  Ready for it?  I am!  Got my to-do list working around in my head, and I am feeling productive.  Getting yesterday’s To Be Filed box sorted has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.  It nearly did me in, though.  It was rough work.  I crashed HARD last night on the couch.  Today, my pace will be slower, but steady, so hopefully I won’t be so utterly wiped out by the end of the day.

I am slowly gaining on the clutter.  (I haven’t forgotten about pictures, I will get to that today, I promise.)  As happy as I am to see order coming to certain corners of my life, I’m not gonna lie– it’s been tough.  Forcing myself to confront these messes (literally, and figuratively), has been a battle.  Especially yesterday’s work- dealing with all these papers that represent things I need to be doing- calls to be made, finances to address, business to attend.  It was grueling.  It was, indeed, warfare.  But liberating, at the same time.  It really drives home the point that you can’t fix problems that you aren’t willing to address.  I’ve been running away from these huge messes for years, and all they’ve done is gotten worse.  They didn’t magically straighten themselves out.  They didn’t go away.  They just sat there, growing.  Encroaching further and further into the normal, sane part of my life, until finally, I had to deal with it.  No more denial, no more avoiding, or delaying, or procrastinating.  Unpleasant as it can be at times, sometimes you just have to face life head on, whether it’s laundry, or relationships, or uncertainty, or whatever.  You have to be intentional, deliberate– proactive.  It’s up to YOU to take it by the horn, look it in the eye, and say, “No more.  We deal with this now, no matter how much it makes us both bleed.”

A good battle cry can help.  Paint your face blue.  Beat your chest.  Raise your spear.  Whatever you need to do to confront your demons.  Wherever they are, the laundry room- your friendships- your memory- wherever you are plagued by unresolved, unchallenged chaos.

So those are my thoughts this fine morning.  Funny– when I started all this, I was just hoping to see the bottom of my closet floor again.  Who knew I’d find a few life revelations along the way?  You just never know, I guess.

Now I’m off to git ‘er done.  Pics to follow, as promised.  Hope you all have a happy, productive, positive day today!